Glycerine uses

People in the biodiesel industry often ask Grown Fuel about what they can do with glycerine.

First let’s call it the Heavy Phase (HP), not glycerine, as the by-product of biodiesel production is a combination of products:

  • Glycerine
  • Biodiesel / Free Fatty Acid (FFA)
  • Soaps
  • Salts / metals / KOH
  • Water

If you call it glycerine, how are you to differentiate the products when you refine HP?

The following uses can be applied with HP:

Weed killer
Used in large quantities on fence lines, this will give a few years respite from grass growth.

Animal feed
There is value to animal feed manufactures in the energy content of HP. However, It must be treated and assessed by an animal nutritionist.

Boiler fuel
With the right boiler, burner and pre treatment it can be used as boiler fuel.

Biogas production
A number of biogas producers use HP to increase gas production.Biogas production is a very good match with biodiesel production.

Compost activator
As with biogas, HP is bug food. Add it to compost and watch the temperature of the pile rise.

Pharmaceutical grade
When refined, glycerine has 1001 uses in applications such as industrial, food, cosmetics and water-based lubricants.

Soap and shaving cream are 2 examples.

Dust suppressant
When HP is added to the water truck it increases the effectiveness of water to reduce dust, meaning less passes are needed by the water truck.