Biodiesel equipment and design

Plant design and construction 
Grown Fuel offers design and construction services for Biodiesel Plants. The only limit to plant capacity is the availability of feedstocks. Grown Fuel offers a tailor-made biodiesel production plant service. Previous work has involved design of biodiesel plants to the customer’s needs. Here are some examples of the requests from clients that have been completed:

  • 200 litre Used Cooking Oil batch plants 20140307_Grown_Fuel_Blending_Plant_B20_on_Demand
  • B20 blending plant
  • 500 litre per hour pilot tallow plant
  • 1000 litres biodiesel produced per day
  • 2500 litres tallow per hour
  • 3000 litres Used Cooking Oil per 1.5 hour batch
  • 50 tonne tallow per week
  • 1000 tonne tallow per week (1.1 million litres img-edit02biodiesel per week)
  • 30 000 litre per week
  • 15 000 000 litre per year plant and premises
  • Plant upgrade from 1MLpa to 4MLpa

Plants are typically of modular design for ease of upgrades and servicing. Capacity can be increased at a later date to allow for expanded production and/or to take advantage of more efficient technologies/recipes as they become commercially available in the future.

Research and Development  
Grown Fuel offers its own biodiesel process technology. This has become possible through years of biodiesel manufacture, plant design, building and troubleshooting commercial and small-scale operations. Paul has worked on numerous biodiesel plants so has extensive knowledge of what works and what does not.