Biodiesel Book

Biodiesel in Practice provides practical tips on how to establish a biodiesel plant with low set-up costs, and in keeping with the vision of Grown Fuel Biodiesel Consultancy, encourages people to make biodiesel properly.

Biodiesel is an alternative diesel fuel. You can make biodiesel to meet you own even your community’s diesel fuel needs with this book. Biodiesel will run an diesel engine.

Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine in the late 1800’s with the philosophy that it can run on whatever liquid fuel was available to you, be it fossil or biological in origin. With this biodiesel book you can rediscover his vision.

Grown Fuel’s biodiesel manuals / books have now been sold into 12 countries! People all over the world are kicking the fossil diesel habit with this manual, which includes:

  • Introductory ‘make biodiesel in a bottle’ instructions.
  • Comprehensive recipe, step-by-step instructions on how to make quality biodiesel.
  • Grown Fuel’s 2 stage reaction recipe, refined over 15 years in the biodiesel industry with lab proven results.
  • Troubleshooting guide.
  • Photographic guide.
  • Description and photographic inventory of the equipment needed to make biodiesel.
  • Flow chart for making biodiesel.
  • Guide on how to obtain used cooking oil and all ingredients needed.
  • Biodiesel equipment purchasing guide.
  • Simple tests to check your biodiesel quality.
  • Detailed schematic diagrams to help you build your own quality plant, including plant layout, methoxide reactor, biodiesel reactor, and wash / dry tank.
  • Advice on sustainability of biodiesel feedstocks.
  • Independent lab tests showing the quality of biodiesel made using this recipe. No other book or web site has this.
  • Detailed information on fuel quality standards and interpreting your own biodiesel lab results.
  • Food V Fuel debate; how to obtain vegetable oil without starving people.
  • Postage anywhere in the world.

Grown fuel shares 15 years of small production and industry experience in making biodiesel. The manual combines written and visual instructions to allow you to build a small biodiesel plant from inexpensive and readily-available equipment, so you can feel confident with your biodiesel production.

How does this book/manual compare to similar titles and web based free information?
Biodiesel is not hard to make, but it is easy to make a mess of.

Wrecking your injector pump with a basic caustic shake and bake method as promoted by inexperienced advocates is an expensive lesson to learn.

Grown Fuel has compiled 15 years of experience and knowledge building and designing commercial biodiesel plants into this book to assist you in manufacturing quality biodiesel to ensure you meet biodiesel specifications so that you do not wreck your engine.

The book was written to promote quality biodiesel manufacture to small-scale makers as opposed to the common industry personnel belief that only large organisations or large industry producers.

Biodiesel in Practice includes basic testing and comprehensive lab results that prove the biodiesel recipe. No other book / manual or web site offers you that level of confidence.Biodiesel in Practice is not suited to making quick, poor quality fuel that is guaranteed to shorten your engine’s life.

The biodiesel recipe and equipment described is suitable for making between 50 and 500 litres of biodiesel per day for AU$0.30 cents per litre plus your oil cost. Our specialised knowledge and inexpensive establishment costs means it’s easier and more affordable than you realise to create your own biodiesel fuel.

Grown Fuel – Biodiesel in Practice is only $25 including tax and postage worldwide.

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All printed material is printed on durable, extra thick RESA 90% post-consumer waste paper or Bagasse paper from sugar cane – not reflex paper which decimates Australian native forest in water catchments.