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Grown Fuel is a specialist biodiesel consultancy with 16 years’ experience in every aspect of the biodiesel industry. Owner Paul Martin started the biodiesel industry in Australia, and has advised and been involved with 80% of biodiesel plants here. Grown Fuel only works with biodiesel; we are not an opportunistic add-on service to an oil, gas or energy consultancy.

Grown Fuel has advised on biodiesel issues in 12 countries to date, including every state and territory in Australia, our base country. We have designed, commissioned, and continue to assist New Zealand’s only commercial scale biodiesel plant and the first industry-standard biodiesel plant and research facility in Papua New Guinea (PNG). If you want one of the most experienced biodiesel technicians in the world working on your project, solving issues and preventing costly problems, you have found him.


Do you need help with?

  • Biodiesel plant for sale
  • Plant and process troubleshooting
  • Biodiesel plant design testing
  • Biodiesel research and development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Biodiesel plant design and construction
  • Plant commissioning and staff training
  • Biodiesel training courses, your site or mine
  • Biodiesel how-to manuals
  • Renewable energy tours and lectures
  • Biodiesel process equipment modification
  • White elephant salvage/redesign

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Biodiesel in Practice provides practical tips on how to establish a biodiesel plant with low set-up costs, and in keeping with the vision of Grown Fuel Biodiesel Consultancy, encourages people to make biodiesel properly.

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Grown Fuel offers dedicated training courses to discover more about Biodiesel. Our one day courses can be offered to individuals or groups to suit your needs, and explore everything from the complete process of making biodiesel to identifying it’s viability in your own business, organisation or farm.

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